Your Austin Halloweekend Plans: ill.gates with Champagne Drip at Empire on 10/27

ill.gates champagne drip austin empire control room halloween

Still need Halloween plans in Austin? Empire Control Room and Garage has got you covered with a delightfully bass-heavy lineup on October 27: ill.gates and Champagne Drip.

Honestly, we couldn’t have chosen a better headliner for Halloween than ill.gates. Does it get much weirder (in the best way possible) than this?

ill.gates will be joined by dubstep legend, Sam Pool aka Champagne Drip. We had the chance to interview Sam of Champagne Drip earlier this year, who spoke to us about transitioning from his long-standing act as SPL to his new nomenclature.

“At first my fans didn’t actually know about the change since I kept Champagne Drip as a hidden identity. I let things grow a bit before I felt like I needed to attach myself socially to the project. So far it’s been great and I seem to be getting a lot of support from old fans of SPL. Coming up with a new project has been helpful with the music changes too.

With my SPL project, when I started writing Dubstep ten years ago, I received lots of backlash from my old DnB fans. It turned out to be toxic and I completely stepped away from DnB for a few years. In retrospect I wonder what would have happened if I had started a different alias for Dubstep. Either way, I’m happy with where things are at now.”

After a busy year playing shows and festivals around the country, he is coming to Austin for a very dark and deep Halloween show, á la:

Sip sip, drip drip, grab them tix tix for only $15 ($20 day of show!). See you there ghosts and ghouls!

Get tix here


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