Widespread Panic AMPs Up to Start Summer Tour In Rogers, AR


Friday night, Widespread Panic touched down in Rogers, AR for a burner of a summer tour opener. This is the second time WSP has played The AMP and they did not disappoint. Out of the gates, they opened with “Hope in a Hopeless World” to warm the place up. The second set was a par tee! With “Protein Drink” > “Sewing Machine” to start the second half of the night you can bet it is going to get hot. The AMP was electric and they kept the energy high with “Sell Sell”, one of my favorites off the new album, right into “Disco”. At this point I was sweating like I smuggled pickled peppers into the venue with prison tactics and at one point I was convinced I would explode into a cloud of glitter and rainbows. I somehow managed not to burst at the seams and was able to stay with them through a super strong “Tall Boy > Little Lilly > Jam > Drums > Machine > Barstools & Dreamers.” They left us high and happy with a great “Honky Red” to close the night up. The idea that WSP is starting to wind down seems unthinkable after seeing them rock the house like that. WSP has a home in Arkansas and there are a lot of spread heads that hope they make it back soon.

You can see listen to their full set here. http://www.panicstream.com/vault/widespread-panic-06172016-rogers-ar/

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