Why Day for Night is Different Than Any Festival You’ve Been To

Day for Night Festival

We wouldn’t call the festival and live music event space oversaturated–we like it that way. But with a seemingly new festival popping up every week, it is getting harder to decide which ones are worth spending your time, money and effort.

Day for Night festival, taking place in Houston on December 17-18, is a no brainer. Here’s some of the less obvious reasons this winter festival will make your year.

Fully immersive music AND art experience

Many festivals have a few art installations here and there, but Day for Night is one of the first festivals to make art just as much as a draw as the musical artists.

Björk will bring her immersive VR experience, Björk Digital, a collaboration with visual artists and programmers from around the world. The experience gives you a one-on-one performance with Björk, and she will also play IRL during the Friday night preview party.

United Visual Artists has been building large-scale art installations and live performance based projects for over a decade. Their works play with our perceptions of time and space and include real and synthesized experiences. They’ve created installations for artists like Battles and James Blake, and have commissioned pieces in museums and festivals around the world.United Visual Artists Day for Night festival

These are just two of the numerous artists and studios taking over the Day for Night facilities, making the entire festival a fully immersive experience.

Did we mention it’s taking place in an enormous 1.5 MILLION square foot space in the heart of downtown Houston? #somuchroomforactivities

Your next favorite artists

This year’s Day for Night headliners are great: Kaskade, Travis $cott, Odesza, Run the Jewels, Banks and more. Electronic legend Aphex Twin will play his first live set in eight years.

But the unsung heroes are the artists you will find in the smaller text that follows. If you’re into hip hop or funky R&B, Blood Orange and Thundercat will give you instant street cred. That’s without even mentioning the stacked Welcome to Houston supergroup made up of Bun B, Mike Jones, Z-Ro and more than a dozen other local rappers.

If you’re looking for innovative, genre-bending producers, check out Clams Casino, Soulection and SOPHIE. For electronic lovers, Tycho is an obvious choice but you should also check out -Us., Squarepusher and Division.

There are plenty of festivals to catch today’s “top” acts at. If you relish the bragging rights of being in the know when it comes to new artists, Day for Night is the festival for you.

A breath of innovation

As stated before, there are a lot of festivals popping up–but many new festivals fail to find their niche or differentiator. That’s not the case with Day for Night.

Day for Night dares to be different with every detail, and you can bet the crowd that attends will be unique and invested in the arts as well. The lineup ranges widely from electronic to hip hop to alternative to those sounds you don’t know quite how to put in a box. Many of the artists, venue setup and even promotions have an avant-garde edge without trying.

While you may have forgotten exactly who you saw and what you did at festivals this summer, you can guarantee nothing about Day for Night will be forgotten.

Purchase weekend passes or single day tickets (nearly sold out!) on Day for Night’s website.

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