Trouble in the Streets Headlining Inside Out Presents Pop-Up Festival

So we did a thing..

This week Trouble in the Streets (Austin, TX) are rolling through Fayetteville, AR on tour and we figured why not have a totally free and community created mini fest with them headlining? West Luck Ridge was kind enough to lend us their property and the community responded. In less than 48 hours a full bill was created and “Trouble in the Barn” was born. Big thanks to AttA, and Meesh for jumping on the bill and Richter Solar Energy for supplying the stage and power.

You can check out the full event details here.

Trouble in the Streets has impressed us. They are one of the most dynamic and exciting up and coming bands that we know of and are happy to have them at our event. Nnedi Agbaroji fronts the trio as a truly powerhouse vocalist and performer. She holds down the keys and belts line after line of inspiring lyric. Robert Slangen and Andy Leonard are the drums and bass respectively that lace groove, synths, and samples all together to form a fascinatingly creative rhythm duo. Together they perform a genre of what they are calling “Electro Tribe” which is part livetronica, part afro-pop, part Rage Against the Machine and all the way mind-blowing.

This week they head out on their 2nd US tour which has stops from Dallas to Chicago.

Give them a listen and see them as soon as possible. We have a feeling their stock is about to go up soon.


Trouble in the streets fall tour

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