There’s So Much More to Sonic Bloom Than an (Amazing) Lineup

Sonic Bloom Festival workshops 2017

Sonic Bloom just announced phase 2 of their 2017 lineup, and we are 1000% down. But besides the great music Sonic Bloom brings to the ranch each year, there’s so much more to experience to get the full taste of this unique festival.

Inside Out Presents’ Brook McDonald attended Sonic Bloom last year, and gave us her tips on what else to check out at the festival.

If you can manage to crawl out of your tent in the morning and check out what else Sonic Bloom has to offer, I highly recommend it. Here is my personal a list of things to check out at Sonic Bloom this year (besides the music).

1. The creek

When an average of 78 degree days feels like 90 with no wind, you begin to feel like a sticky piece of ABC gum. Therefore, we have put the creek first on our list of things to check out. The small South Apache Creek that runs straight through Hummingbird Ranch is a magical place for a quick cool off during the hot day. Although it may be crowded, friends are not hard to find and a welcoming presence will make you feel like the desert creek mermaid your heart has always loved. This rejuvenating feeling will have you ready for round 2 in no time.

2. The labyrinth of hammocks

As you make your way onto the festival grounds, you will find a grove of trees near the Hummingbird Stage. Here is where you will find a labyrinth of hammocks set up to escape the sun once more by campers. If you can find room in the small forested area, it’s the perfect mid-afternoon getaway to capture those Z’s you missed last night, all whilst being right smack dab in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the festival itself.

3. Tacos & lemonade

I ate tacos at least once a day during Sonic Bloom, and washed it down with a cold glass of lemonade. The most refreshing experience shout out goes to Boulder’s own Super Heady Tacos who saved my life and sanity at the festival last year. However, it’s not just about the tacos and lemonade but the food vendors themselves (AKA the unsung heroes of the festival world). With flavors just as tasty as the Rocky Mountains themselves, I advise mealtime to be eaten here once a day.

4. Workshops & shops

If you’re lively and able to function, go check out one of the many workshops that Sonic Bloom offers. With classes ranging from dance therapy to vinyasa yoga and even fireside chats with well-known artists like Android Jones, the possibilities are endless. My friend’s father always said, “make sure you learn something today” – so why not do it in a technicolor tipi?! Afterwards, be sure to check out the many different shops in the village where you can purchase all your festival needs, including hula hoops, wire wrapped stones, glass pieces and hats!

5. Art & silent disco

Now I know that this list is about things to check out at Sonic Bloom besides the music, but here I will make an exception. Late in the evening during the haunting hours, something enchanting happens – Silent Disco.

When the evening begins to cool, the forest comes alive with all things that glow. After the sun has set, nothing is more relaxing or exciting than walking through the festival grounds in order to put on a pair of headphones with like-minded individuals boogieing out to their own groove. Live artists that dance and paint, glowing tapestries and huge installations is what makes Sonic Bloom a truly unique festival.

Tickets for the 4-day mid-June festival are on sale now. Get yours today to have a beautifully unique festival experience in Colorado with us this summer!

Sonic Bloom Festival 2017 lineup

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