(Re:) Create New Memories with Michal Menert and Breaking Biscuits at The Fillmore Denver

michal menert re: creation breaking biscuits fillmore denver

By Ryan Cartwright


The Fillmore in Denver is in for a treat once again. We’re still reeling from Umphrey’s McGee three-night run to to be honest, but it’s time to prepare thyself for a second round of widespread funk phenomena.

Up next is Colorado native and Pretty Lights Music legend, Michal Menert. It’s been a while since he’s released any new music but if you’re familiar with him, you know what a treat Space Jazz remains to be. Not to mention how juicy the vibes of the Pretty Fantastics tape were and the dreamy melodies of the Slow Coast EP are sure to enthrall. You’re definitely going to want to check his latest single release as well,  a tribute to the late MCA called ‘The Golden Rule.’ Expect lots of guitars and keys and to get down to some instrumental wobbles. Count on it.

As if Menert weren’t enough, he will be joined the talented supergroup, Breaking Biscuits. “Now hold up,” you’re thinking, “I have no idea who that is.” Sure you do. If you’re familiar with the scene that Menert is part of then you’re probably acquainted with Brooklyn boys, Break Science, as well as Bisco champions and headliners, The Disco Biscuits. Yes, they have all joined forces to make sweet, sweet music together.

Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein of the latter will be joining Adam Dietch and Borham Lee of the former. Don’t expect the typical crazy and dubby sets from Break Science, nor the freeform instrumentalism from the Biscuits. Instead, the group has found a happy medium that can best be described as downbeat trip-hop, a sound completely different than what either part is known for.

This crazy shindig all goes down on 1/26 at The Fillmore. Grab your tickets here. You’re not going to want to miss out on this wild night!

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