Take Summer by Storm With Sonic Bloom Festival!

Summer is right around the corner and ready to hit with full force. It can truly only be described as one time: festival season. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the music seems to ring clearer. It most certainly is a magical time and what finer way to celebrate the year’s best days than with a trip to Sonic Bloom. Coming to you straight from Hummingbird Ranch, it’s sure to be nothing but four days of fun and music mixed with outdoor camping. But before you’re ready to hit one of Colorado’s biggest and best-known festivals, you’ve got to get to know the artists first. Here are some of the top five names at Sonic Bloom 2018 that you absolutely have to check out.


The top dog at Sonic Bloom is going to be none other than the legendary Simon Posford AKA Shpongle. There isn’t much of an intro needed but here it is anyway. He’s been killing the game since 1996 and his first album, Are You Shpongled? a seasoned 20 years ago. It’s been nothing but smooth sailing since and he released his most recent album, Codex VI at the end of last year. It’s more of that psychedelic, jelly-legged goodness you’ve come to expect from Shpongle. So swing by his set and get ready to groove, because it’s going to be a wild ride.

Nightmares On Wax

Veteran lineup coming at ya! Nightmares On Wax has been around even longer than Shpongle has and has spent decades cultivating his own mysterious, wonky sound. It’s evolved several times over the years but would best be described now as downbeat, low-fi, instrumental based, trippy, funky, hip-hop. He released his most recent album, Shape The Future, at the top of 2018, but his discography spans all the way back to 1991 with A Word of Science. The First and Final Chapter. His set is going to be unique, groovy, diverse, and chill. Make sure to catch it because this he’s got a truly one-of-a-kind sound.


The men of many talents are here! While Michael Travis and Jason Hann are normally members of the well-renowned String Cheese Incident, occasionally they break from the pack to do some work as EOTO. Deviating from the normal funky tunes they deliver, EOTO eschews their traditional vibes in lieu of wonky basslines and spacey sounds, delivered via live instrumentals. But that doesn’t mean the duo are any less talented working separately from their collective. Instead, their individual abilities shine even brighter and the originality of the different sound is on full display. Definitely do not miss this set, because Travis and Hann don’t link up for the side act nearly as much as they do SCI, so be sure to catch them showing out.


Thriftworks is truly an awe-inspiring act. While EOTO is much more likely to amp you up, Thriftworks is more likely to chill you out. While they both sound like they’re from outer-space, they’ve got sounds on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Thriftworks sounds like alien noises meets flowing water. It’s trance-y, distant, low-key, and beautiful. Listen to some of his more recent works like Vanilla Pea Maker or The Tinker Tyrant to get a better idea of the journey you’re in for. It’s sure to be pleasing to the ears.

Golf Clap

What’s this? House at Sonic Bloom?! Yea, it’s few and far between on the lineup and this is the only place it shows up in this little preview, but it’s worth a mention for sure. Last, but definitely not least is the boys out of Detroit, Golf Clap. Sticking to their city’s roots, this duo embodies the idea of minimalist house and techno, while still sprucing up their tracks with modern bits, like the tropical vibes or dark bass synths. Check out jams like Country Club Disco with Todd Edwards or their remix of Bumps by Codes. They’ve proven they can rise to the occasion for big names like Zeds Dead with their remix of Where The Wild Things Are and they’ll do the same for you at Sonic Bloom. Get ready to move your feet and bob your head. Golf Clap will keep you in a state of perpetual rhythm.

So that’s the angle. Five of the best acts (IOHO) at Sonic Ranch. Honestly, you can’t go wrong while rocking out at Hummingbird Ranch but you should definitely be sure to catch the aforementioned names to make it an extra special experience. It’s all going down from June 14 – June 17. You can and should grab tickets here to be a part of this heralded festival and make it a memory of your own. We hope to catch you out there!

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