STS9’s Wave Spell Live Music Festival

9 Reasons Why STS9’s Wave Spell Music Festival is One of the Best Festivals of  the Summer

STS9 and their dedicated fanbase are heading back to the intimate and serene  Belden Town for the 2nd annual Wave Spell Music Festival. Nested in the California Canyon with a lush, blissful river running through it, this festival features raw and unique live versions of STS9 that truly  represent prestigious and fascinating synchronicities, love for electronic music, and overall long-standing talent. Wave Spell is supported this year by 25+ acts, including Russ Liquid, Thriftworks, The New Deal, Mark Farina, Random Rab, BlueTech, SoDown, and Richard Devine.

Inside Out Perspective  gives insight as to why Wave Spell is one of the best festivals of the summer.

 1. 9 Intimate &  Personalized STS9 Sets

STS9 will  perform 9 full sets,  3 which are Wave Spell sets, that indulge fans in the rawest STS9 form. These sets include no setlists or previous conversations on what will be played. STS9 will “Tap In” and let the rhythm flow, letting the collective completely explore the realms of sound.  They describe this as “a series dedicated to the belief that music is one of the most powerful forces in nature. It casts a spell through waveforms carrying sound and light, moving energy and frequencies through our mind, body and soul.”

2. The Location – Northern Cali & Belden Town

Views from Belden Town, California

Wave Spell is located about 2  hours north of Sacramento, nestled into a canyonside alongside a river. Attendees of Wave Spell have access to all Belden Town, including a restaurant, town store,  and campgrounds along the river. When walking across the infamous Belden Town bridge, you can actually conceptualize the intimacy STS9 is creating for their fans.

3. The River-Front Stage with a VOID Sound System

One of the best parts of Wave Spell is the waterfront stage that hosts the elite VOID sound system. Last year, everyday attendees headed to the mini beachfront, with rafts of all sorts to soak in the sun and amazing tunes. It created the most badass day party.

4. Richard Devine’s Analog Skills

Richard Devine graced last year’s STS9 stage with his own raw analog skills, only adding to the tribe’s improvisational assets. This was a fan favorite for the weekend, and created a whole other sound dimension many didn’t even think possible for STS9.  Richard Devine will be ever-present at Wave Spell 2020, and we can only hope for the same recurring set with STS9 next year.

5. All of the Supporting Acts 

Russ Liquid at Wave Spell 2019

It is known that all the Wave Spell supporting acts are good friends with  STS9, which resonates, creating a very special Wave Spell vibe. Although there are acts that excel at electronic music, like Russ Liquid, Thriftworks, Mark Farina, Random Rab, BlueTech, SoDown, and Richard Devine, there are also accompanying instrumental collectives like The New Deal, Yak Attack, Eminence Ensemble, and Since Juleye Live Band (Ft. Todd Stoops and Brisco Jones). There are no overlapping sets or noise ordinances at Wave Spell, leaving room for scheduled musical exploration till 5 a.m each night.

6. Interactive and Forward-Thinking Practices (Art, Attendee Yoga, Crystal Displays)

Wave Spell curators are bringing an intimate experience that focuses on music, but goes deeper into art and community practices. Numerous holistic and educational workshops will be offered for attendees to expand their mindsets, share their newfound knowledge, and create a ripple effect for all in attendance. Daily workshops, live art, and art galleries add to the interactive fest scene here.

7. The Intimacy and Small Crowd Size 

3 intimate forest stages allow for the perfect amount of space for Wave Spell attendees. Because of its remote location and the band’s wishes to keep the event intimate, Wave Spell is transformed into the perfect fest oasis. There are no lines, no overcrowding, and no mainstream sets getting pushed out to large and uninterested parties. This is Wave Spell 2020, an intimate and STS9-focused gathering.

8. Hanging Out with Dedicated and Hardcore STS9 Fans

Wave Spell is filled with loyal fans that have been following the band for years, sometimes decades. These dedicated fans allow for ignited conversations and storytelling that surround all the life-changing experiences STS9 has brought them. The passion exploding from the crowd during STS9 sets really shows how just how much the fans know, love, and appreciate, the band, creating an illuminating and surreal feeling at each set

9. Specialized Fan Hangout Sessions // VIP Accommodations and Options

Last year the band created organized hang-out sessions, one of which was “Beef Spell,” a contest where  there was a meat-cooking competition, and the winner received a trophy. For Wave Spell 2020, there is talk of  a fan-made accopollo STS9 jam session, along with other hang-outs organized in the RV section. These fan-organized activities, along with VIP,  will be hosting numerous celebrations and gatherings, including sets at the all-new VIP Stage by Thritworks, Russ Liquid, Maddy O’Neal, Autonomix, Noisywaters, Pruitt, Dailon, and Weazildust. VIP Accommodations also include a Lounge, Daily Happy Hour with complimentary snacks and beverages, Exclusive Festival Merchandise, Early Entrance, and Priority Shuttle Boarding.


Full Wave Spell Live 2020 Lineup:



Full VIP Lineup:



If all this doesn’t sell you on why Wave Spell 2020 is completely phenomenal, check out this STS9 Wave Spell Live set from last year. Also, keep a lookout for a full Wave Spell 2020 Inside Out Perspective recap to bring the experience to all who couldn’t attend! We are here to help you relive all that is Wave Spell 2020.


All featured photos are from the Official Wave Spell Festival Facebook Page.



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