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2019 Full Sonic Bloom Review


  • – Interviews with Russ Liquid, Megan Hamilton,  Lespecial, The Party People, Lapa & Drrtywulvz
  • – Full Interviews with Sonic Bloom 2019 Art Director & Permaculture Co-Coordinator
  • – Direct Quotes from Michael Travis of SCI, Luke Miller of Lotus, and the Darshan Dance Tribe


Early arriving attendees, who were eager to get their transformation on, placed themselves in line early Wednesday morning in the fierce desert sun, starting at 10 a.m, to get a solid camping spot for the weekend at The Unified Field for Sonic Bloom 2019. The socializing and expansion of inner circles and acknowledgement began on Wednesday, the first year that early arrival allowed for a full 5-day experience on the ranch.

Throughout Wednesday night and Thursday morning, the spots alongside the creek filled up as attendees cherished the flowing ice water that was not present at last year’s Sonic Bloom. Webs of hammocks and floaties settled alongside the waterway as people gave grace for having a cold-water source to cool down at this year’s event.

An opening ceremony was held and led by Kim Doyle, an activist in sound healing, yoga, and elixir creation at this year’s Sonic Bloom. Sedona, self-identifying peaceful warrior, co-led the opening ceremony for Sonic Bloom 2019. She elaborated more on this experience, “I am so happy to be back for my second year. Co-lead[ing] opening ceremony was a magical experience. To come together, to drop some revolutionary knowledge, as well as getting people embodied and harmonizing, together. It was very beautiful. We had this great balance of divine masculinity and femininity on stage, so it was a great way to kick this weekend off. My main passion is to talk to people and get united to bring forth the revolution.”

She also gave a shout out to Stephinity Salazar, Performance and Yoga Director, stating, “She is doing so much amazing work right now and shifting the paradigms of medicine. She is the reason why we are here sharing the opportunities of wisdom to get people motivated and inspired.”

As the sun lowered, the Yoga D’om led the vibe for the weekend, initiating the Funktion One sound system which rang throughout the campground as instructive workshops began. “Embodied Yoga Experience” by Andrea Varela initiated the workshops for the night, as the Official Oracle Portal began. This Oracle Portal translated into a beginning period for attendees to come relish in tarot reading, eclectic counseling, dream interpretations, intuitive guidance and astrology education for the people. Thursday night began as a walkway into the rest of the weekend containing the necessary steps to heal, set intentions and learn from educators on-site.

The first night of music at Sonic Bloom showed no limits. Coming out hot the first day, Lunar Fire truly set a mood for the weekend with their raw and intricate, sensory-extravagant, performance-filled set. Integrating all forms of performance, art and movement, the sun set as Lunar Fire captured the crowd with healing sound and the elegance and grace of the legendary Darshan Dance Tribe.

Darshan Dance Tribe is a Temple Fusion Dance company where the dancers themselves becomes the prasad, or ceremonial offering, to the divine. They incorporate divine imagery and shamanic trance dance into the journey of their “prayerformances.” 


Katie Bhairavi Marshall and Brianna Hennessey, Director and Assistant Director of Darshan Dance Tribe, reminisced about their favorite moments at Sonic Bloom, including performing with Shpongle for the final act to the song “Divine Moments of Truth,” where the creation of the “DMT Cheerleaders” was ignited.

Katie elaborated more on her practice, “The future of performance art is full embodiment and really bringing that presence, and that energy, that each of us carries to the table. Bringing it all to fruition. In terms of community as well and putting all of this to good use. Fully embodying these elements in life. I see the future of performance art as ritualistic and full. Bringing your best.”

Drrtywulvz, priding himself on guiding deep adventure through sound, completely ignited The Meadow Stage. Throwing down heavy, wistful and exaggerated sounds to trance the crowd, people really began to move their bodies for the first time of the weekend. 

Read a Full Sonic Bloom 2019 Interview with Drrtywulvz here:

Of The Trees played a huge role in the secret throwdowns and collaborative environment of Sonic Bloom throughout the whole weekend. Playing three sets total, it began on the Sonic Bloom Stage on the first evening of the weekend. He played a crunchy, bass-heavy set, throwing down heat and original tracks, as well as featuring a new track off his upcoming album. His first headlining set on the main stage was a highlight of the weekend for electronic music fans. 

The initial night of Sonic Bloom 2019 flowed through different sets including a crunkadelic Vibesquad set on the Bloom Stage, followed by Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution closing out the main stage for the night.

Cualli, Colorado-based DJ, began the late-night shenanigans on the Hummingbird Stage. He commented on this year’s Sonic Bloom, “SONIC BLOOM was quite the fancy tickler this year. The Ableton Academy was awesome, my set at the Hummingbird was probably my fave I’ve played at Bloom so far (big ups Pickles Visuals) and getting to play some of my old downtempo tunes on the Awaken the Night quad F-1 rig was a real soul warmer. Big ups to everyone involved.”

Daily Bread brought the soulful and old-school get-down to finish off an amazing first night at the annual Sonic Bloom 2019. 
Friday started early, beginning with “Mindful Motion Yoga” at the D’om taught by Jinnikwe Medicine Bird, followed by Soulstice Soul Shine Yoga taught by Lacy Archer and featuring legendary Adam Apollo & Thomas Ender. Adam Apollo has been coming to Sonic Bloom for over a decade, playing music, teaching and sharing overall guidance throughout numerous platforms. He is the founder of Unify, an organization that orchestrates globally synchronized meditations that inspire community-driven action campaigns for world peace, as well as curator of two online academies, and a DJ.

Adam commented on his take of the Sonic Bloom environment, “When I’m in Colorado at Sonic Bloom, something I love about it so much is that the people here they like really really want to know what it is you have to share. They will pack your workshop because they actually care and want to learn. They want to receive what it is you have to give. The thing about the music is when it’s fresh, everyone is just like ‘Yeah, Let’s Go!’ It’s liveliness and the willingness to feel like it’s the first time you ever even heard about it. That’s what makes this music scene different.”

The time came for mid-afternoon “Yoga Fundamentals” with Of The Trees. The space was packed as all waited to stretch out and set intentions to a downtempo Of The Trees set. A flow set in and the tunes vibed deeper for this special set at the Yoga D’om.

Meanwhile at the Permaculture Action Hub, different workshops were being held to educate the public on different factors, elements, and real-time projects that were happening in the permaculture field. Stephanie Syson, an instructor for the Permaculture Academy that took place on the grounds before the festival started, hosted a workshop titled, “Growing in The Commons.” This workshop touched on different structural ecosystem building techniques, as well as highlighted the Basalt Food Park, a seed saving garden and demonstration Food Forest, led by Stephanie.

Read a Full Sonic Bloom 2019 Interview with Permaculture Co-Coordinator, Eliot Kersgaard, here:

The afternoon continued with different slack-lining workshops, as well as educational workshops, “The Art of Dialogue” by The Electric Servant and “Cooperation vs. Competition,” by Kimberly Dill at the Alchemy Lounge. 

Ayla Nereo blessed us all with her presence for a graceful, whimsical and moving set as the sun began to go down on the Bloom Stage. Numerous people were seen running to her set as it started, doing a twirl along the way, as the lyrics began to fill the air. Ayla began the set with “Tightrope Walker,” then gave a shout out to the bees and hummingbirds, as she transcended into the powerful, “Whispers.” She finished the set wooing the crowd and re-establishing intentions.

Ayla Nereo At Sonic Bloom 2019

Shortly after at the Hummingbird Stage, Lapa encapsulated the crowd with his powerful violin skills, showcasing his raw talent of strings backed by a soothing, consistent-feeling beat to sway perfectly to. There was no way to leave that Lapa set without a smile, and relaxed mindset. 

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Michael Travis of The String Cheese Incident and Eoto followed the set with his  first-time ever, all-original DJ set. Michael commented on his history at Sonic Bloom, “I have been to every Sonic Bloom. I love Sonic Bloom because it’s such a realized dream. It’s in such a remote and special place. Perhaps what I love most about Sonic Bloom is Jamie Janover because of his incredible commitment to keeping this dream alive against all odds. He continues because he knows he is creating a nest for a family to grow.”

Yheti brought the heat in a wobbly and all-out supernatural wiggle session on the Bloom Stage. Everyone was getting down to Yheti, the Sonic Bloom veteran, who ended up playing numerous sets throughout the weekend. 

As expected and anticipated, Megan Hamilton brought the funk to the Hummingbird stage on Friday night. Her unique and groovy house-funk vibes got attendees feeling themselves as they found their rhythm that carried them throughout the night.

Megan Hamilton at Sonic Bloom 2019

Megan Hamilton also talked about being a strong woman in the music industry,stating, “Female is not a genre,” and expressing that sharing knowledge and helping each other out is the key to being successful. She also announced a new house-duo project with Maddy O’Neal. 

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The full and powerful Emancipator Ensemble took the stage to blow the crowd away with a compelling and dynamic performance, playing classics like “Valhalla”, “Anthem”, and “Minor Cause” as well as songs off their latest album, “Baralku” and “Ghost Pong,” with stunning visuals straying across the Bloom Stage. 
Sonic Bloom 2019, took the stage following Emancipator Ensemble, providing the crowd with heavy bass music and projecting lasers through the sky. Gramatik’s set was trap and dub-filled providing the bass lovers with a set to rage.

Gramatik at Sonic Bloom 2019

At this time, Yheti and Of The Trees played one of the best sets of the weekend at the Yoga D’om, completely capitalizing the full capability of the Funktion One sound system on this late-night renegade stage. 

The rest of the night featured electronic artists with a niche, exotic and deep sounds that translated well to Sonic Bloom attendees. Bogtrotter began the sound journey for the night, followed by intense and energy-filled Yak Attack, into The Librarian,then Living Light into the bright hours of the morning. Annie Phillips, Art Director, led a late-night “Psychedelic Safari Art Tour,” beginning at the Yoga D’om.

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Saturday morning of Sonic Bloom 2019 began with the opportunity to head to the Yoga D’om for “Reiki, Kriya, & Sound Healing” from Erin Rainflower and Mike RedHawk. Classes continued throughout the day featuring movement workshops like “Mystic Yoga Energy Ft. Joey Burton,” by Richii Jai and more interactive classes like “Upside Down Yoga Ft. Lunar Playboy” by Tracy Hamn.

Meanwhile, The Permaculture Action Hub was hosting workshops titled “Reduce Footprint, Increase Impact” by Kimmy Lyon and Michael Blow, as well as, “Natural Building Techniques” by Corwin Mandel, and future-focused workshops titled, “Building Civilization for The Future,” by Michael Alcazar. Right outside the hub, an Advanced Slackline Jam Session was taking place for all major slackliners to show off their skills accompanied by live music.

Yoga D’om Sonic Bloom 2019

The educational elements of Sonic Bloom don’t stop there. The Alchemy Lounge was just as in sync operating as a platform for growth. Workshops filtered throughout the day at the lounge, including “Design Your Ideal Relationship” by Lindsey Loftin, “New Paradigm of Medicine” by the one and only Stephinity Salazar, followed by one of the most enticing workshops of the weekend conducted by Founder and Owner of Sonic Bloom, Janie Janover, teaching “Unified Field of Nassim Haramein.”

Godlazer opened up the Meadow Stage for the day slaying the crowd with his “face-melting beats” that translated into a mid-day dance party.

Godlazer commented on his time at Sonic Bloom, “I’ve been coming to this festival since The Mish. It has inspired me so much to be who I am today. I would not be Godlazer without Sonic Bloom. It’s amazing to me that I’ve had the chance to share the stage with all these people and all of you. It’s so meaningful to me. I’ve always wanted that artist pass, and here I am.”

Godlazer also mentioned how he saw a moment of initiative after there was a shoutout to pick up trash after the set ended. It was a prime example of getting to experience a collective getting the job done all together in unison for the grounds that they relish so much.

Moon Frog Live Band followed, opening up the Bloom Stage for a legendary Saturday night at Sonic Bloom. After, Detox Unit played a sunset set featuring songs off his newest album that was released Sunday of Sonic Bloom. Dave Tipper was seen in the crowd supporting Detox Unit and the monumental music he was producing. 

Denver locals and Sonic Bloom veterans, The Party People, sure did bring the vibes to the Hummingbird Stage during their set on Saturday. Mikey Thunder was front and center, scratching and mixing beats alongside Daniel Evans, while powerful and conscious vocals echoed out from Benjamin Clark. Everyone was moving, riding along, riding the same wave of rhythm during this set.

Read a Full Sonic Bloom 2019 Interview with The Party People:

Spoonbill’s first set of the weekend was a journey throughout sound. It started off slow and curiously moved into a deeper sound, leading the way into an all-out Saturday night rage session for Jade Cicada. Described as one of the best sets of the weekend, Jade Cicada provided the perfect sound essentials for attendees to feel alive and embrace the moment. Opiuo, fan-favorite of Sonic Bloom, came out strong with a winning headlining performance.

As the night grew later and colder, The Widdler heated things up at the Meadow Stage, providing a space to let the body moves as it wishes and relish in sound. Mark Farina pushed out the house beats in the woods at the Hummingbird Stage before Yheti came on to take over for a three-hour extended set. Meanwhile, Detox Unit was throwing down on the Funktions for an unannounced set at the Yoga D’om. 

Sunday morning rolled around as many were still on Saturday night’s wave. Per usual, yoga initiated the first activities for the morning with a special set “Solace in Yin Yang ft. Moon Frog” led by Elena Theodorou. There was a range of diversity throughout the Yoga D’om workshops during the day, including a special practice titled “Lucid Dream Journey Through Sound” by Boulder Vibrational Healing, as well as more technical and skill-based sessions like “Temple Tribe Fusion Belly Dance” conducted by the Darshan Dance Tribe. Hoop workshops and a karate session finished off the weekend at the Yoga D’om.

The Permaculture Action Hub began the final day at Sonic Bloom with an edible plant walk throughout the grounds with Manda Pendleton. Mid-afternoon they conducted a popular workshop titled “Into the Honeycomb: Exploring the World of the Honeybee” with Courtney Cosgriff. Afterwards, Josh Vogeler taught “Rocky Mountain Mushroom Foraging,” educating the public with his vast knowledge of psilocybin. 

The Alchemy Lounge, a settled sanctuary with creative tools and comfortable seating scattered throughout the area, was leading workshops throughout Sunday as well. Different educators took over the area sharing their wisdom, including, Mackenzie Page teaching “Songwriting to Stir The Soul,” and Dr. Steven Schwartz leading “Creating Interdimensional Portals.”

Throughout the weekend,  The Rainbow Lightning Children’s Center was a hub for many different activities, workshops, crafts and creativities for all ages. You’d often walk by the bright and joyful area on the grounds and see people collaborating, playing or genuinely having fun. 

As music began on the final night at Sonic Bloom 2019, there was an overall shift in the vibes for the weekend. Attendees felt gratitude, and transformation and excitement set into them as the final performances of the weekend set in. 

Aaron Holstein, Morphics, and Dozier led the energy for an afternoon of music on the Unified Field. The jams were strong, smiles shining, and dance moves glowing. Spoonbill’s second set of the weekend was strong, and also heavier than the previous day. As the sun set during his journey of sound, attendees prepared for a night full of live bands, collaboration and intricate sound design. 

The Russ Liquid Test on the Bloom Stage was an exemplary and distinguished six-piece live band that established flare, raw talent and musical intensity throughout their set. Russ established himself as the eloquent conductor of the group on stage, as well as equated himself as the hype man, sending the energy through the roof, as the Russ Liquid Test’s largest collective yet matched the crowd’s pizzaz and liveliness.

Russ Liquid Test Sonic Bloom 2019

Boran Lee from Pretty Lights Live Band and Break Science was accompanying Russ on the keys for the night. Russ was savvying through multi-instruments throughout the set, giving supreme attention to his saxophone, trumpet, and flute, as well as giving shoutouts to his accompanying members on stage. The Test played numerous unreleased and new tracks, taking the time to highlight each and every member’s momentous skill set. Russ also spoke about plans to bring an immersive bass experience to surrounding cities in the near future. 

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The night continued as Funkstatic and Photon led us deeper into the night. The New Observatory featuring Jason Haan and Michael Travis of SCI + Eoto, and Jamie Shields of The New Deal, elevated the main stage with improvisational and ambient jams.

Lespecial was playing at the same time at the Hummingbird Stage. As always, Lespecial brought the heavy progressive rock vibes with their unique and dub remixed originals and covers. Their righteous take on old-school hard-rock melodies with a modern twist that parallels heavy electronic music really translates to a crowd. The Hummingbird stage was buzzing with their presence on Sunday night. 

Read a Full Sonic Bloom 2019 Interview with Lespecial:

The night capped off with The Sonic Bloom Orchestra, featuring numerous talented and prestigious musicians, from EOTO and Papadosio, to Dirtwire, Zilla, Russ Liquid, Opiuo, , and everything in between. The improvisational and collaborative vibe held a certain respect in the air as attendees gathered for the last headlining set on the Bloom Stage. The night was polished off by The Kaya Project, Tor and UM….


The Unified Field hosted yet another successful Sonic Bloom, a gathering filled with elements that are making a change in the world. From world-class movement instructors and pioneers in virtual reality and digital installations, to experts and leaders in permaculture design, Sonic Bloom stands for the change we wish to see in the world, led by the unity of music.


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