Show Preview: Hieroglyphics at Cervantes’ on 2/25/17

Hieroglyphics cervantes

For the ancient Egyptians, hieroglyphs were pictures, signs and symbols as one of the first methods to communicate actions, sounds and ideas. In 1997, when the original Hieroglyphics hip-hop crew came together, they continued on the legacy of what the ancient Egyptians set out to do, but musically, guiding their success throughout their two decades together. It’s only ever so often that established, old school acts that are still puttin’ on like this come to town.

This Saturday, come celebrate the “Mics of the Roundtable” with all original members of Hieroglyphics, along with Whiskey Blanket, Sean Anonymous, Old Man Saxon and Kruza Kid at the big and beautiful Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. Supporting act Whiskey Blanket is another must-see, as one of the most eccentric hip-hop acts of all time. What hip-hop artists do you know that emcee and play the violin and cello, as well as turntables? (Answer: you don’t!)

Do not miss out on becoming another part of hip-hop history; tickets are $28 in advance or $32 at the door. See you there!

By Brook McDonald

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