Ryan Viser Reflects on 2016 in Photos

Griz Ryan Viser

From playing with Griz at Electric Forest to joining Manic Focus in Arkansas, it was a big year for Inside Out Present’s artist Ryan Viser. Ryan takes a look back at photos from some of 2016’s most impactful moments.

Electric Forest Music Festival

Electric Forest 2016 Ryan Viser Griz parade

“Getting to go to Electric Forest to play multiple sets with Frameworks was already a dream come true. Then I got invited to jam with GRiZ and a bunch of the All Good Records artists in a marching band through the Forest on Saturday. It was super dope getting to kick it and play with those guys!”

Zoogma Run

Zoogma Dreamers Delight Ryan Viser Georges Majestic

“I got to join Zoogma for a two-night Halloween weekend run in Arkansas. The second night was in Fayetteville, where they invited me to join them on stage to play ‘Primary Colors.’ These guys had a huge impact on me the first time I saw them and made me really want to dive into the electronic side of things. So needless to say, this was easily one of the best nights of my life.”

Backwoods Music Festival

Ryan Viser Backwoods Music Festival

“Backwoods was another amazing weekend this year. I was the official artist-at-large and sat in with Fractal Sky, SoDown, Dreamer’s Delight, AttA, Filibusta and Krooked Drivers. I also played a solo set at the Globe Stage. There’s nothing like a fun fest full of homies where you can vibe out together and make new friends. This shot is from the Fractal Sky show; me and the sax player, Jon Jackson, rocking it out.”

Euphoria Music Festival

Euphoria Music Festival Silent Disco Ryan Viser

“This was my first year to go to Euphoria. I’d always heard great things about the fest and it turned out to be a killer time. This is a shot from my set at the Silent Disco on Saturday night.”

Playing with Manic Focus

Ryan Viser Manic Focus JMac






“I’ve been a fan of Manic Focus since the first day I heard his music….Wakarusa 2014 to be exact. Since then, I’ve gotten to sit in with him a good number of times and he’s always a super fun dude to kick it with. This is us at Electric Forest 2016.”


2017 is already shaping up to be a great year for Ryan Viser! Learn more about Ryan and keep an eye on our blog for details coming soon about how you can catch him on tour next year!

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