Introducing the Inside Out Perspective

When I first founded Inside Out Presents in 2012, the mission was simple – bring good music to good people. Living in Austin, Texas, I was fortunate to have found myself in a city with not only a great history of music, but a thriving contemporary scene as well. For years I did most of the work myself – booking the rooms, booking the bands, managing the marketing efforts, handling day of show operations. As the networks and goals grew, so did the team. In 2014 I brought on a partner to the company, Clay Young, and we immediately started coordinating large campaigns for national festivals. This brought us into new markets, one of which was my second home – Denver CO.


As time progressed, both Clay and I moved to Denver and began to focus Inside Out Presents solely on the greater Denver area. We have been able to work with some amazing venues and events since we made the move to the Front Range in 2016, and continue to put on shows at Cervantes, the Fillmore, and Red Rocks. However, as we grow older and change, so do our tastes and interests. We began to realize that we wanted to explore the entirety of the human experience, and while music is a huge part of that, it is certainly not the only part of it. 


That is why we are moving forward with a new direction for the company – from now on it will be called the Inside Out Perspective. We will still be doing music events, but we will also begin to focus on spreading the word about other “lifestyle” events as well. If there’s a craft beer tasting, if there’s a taco festival, if there’s a cannabis cup, we want you to know about it. We will also be periodically sharing our perspective on Front Range contemporary issues, people and places, and will work to engage the community in an honest and open dialogue. 


It’s been a wild and fun ride so far, and I thank everyone who’s been a part of the team, or has gone out to support one of our shows. I truly believe in Creation Through Collaboration, and hope that we can continue to create with you for years to come. 


Kevin Woods


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