Front Range Focus: Drew Hornbein

“Better Together: How Freelancers Can Win”

The job market can be a big bad world out there for people looking to make it on their own. Like a specialist Green Beret, you drop into unfamiliar territory with a stated objective, complete the job as quickly and efficiently as you can, then pull out and wait for the next mission to come your way, wherever that may be.

For all the freelancers, 1099ers and gig workers out there who are stringing together jobs to make ends meet, not sure where the next opportunity is going to come from, the concepts of a “business community” or “steady employment” can be foreign, sometimes non-existent. Like most freelancers, web developer and NYC-transplant Drew Hornbein loved the freedom of being his own boss, making his own schedule and having complete control over what jobs he took on and how much he charged. Also, like most freelancers, that freedom was easily challenged by the isolating nature of his occupation, the drain of networking constantly, and fretting over where his next job would come from.

That’s when he decided to become the change he wanted to see in the world. In 2018, Hornbein co-hosted “Better Together: How Freelancers Can Win” at Denver Startup Week. He was delightfully surprised by the response and the obvious want from Front Range freelancers to have their own business community. So he started the grassroots Better Together Association of Independent Workers, which has since put on 18 events geared to “improve the quality of life for independent workers” on Colorado’s Front Range.

With events ranging from improving someone’s “Elevator Pitch” to holistic business accounting, Better Together wants to create steady and accessible opportunities for freelance workers to network, improve their knowledge of this specific business sphere and create win-win-win opportunities for all players. As the old adage goes, there is strength in numbers, and Better Together is proving that with every connection it makes. Drew Hornbein was kind enough to speak with Inside Out Perspective in detail about Better Together. You can view the video below.


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