Five Must-See Acts at Sonic Bloom Festival 2017

sonic bloom festival 2017


By Brittany Smith

Hummingbird Ranch in Southern Colorado has become the permanent home for underground electronic music festival Sonic Bloom. Ringing in its 12th year on June 15-18th, it was no surprise they would bring an insanely stacked lineup with headliners Gigantic Cheese Biscuits, The Polish Ambassador, Papadosio, and The Floozies. Per usual, the festival’s expansive lineup includes both amazing well-known musicians and artists, as well as many hidden gems that have the potential to become your new favorite discovery.

hummingbird ranch colorado

Photo courtesy of Sonic Bloom Festival


The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na

The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na are not a group you want to miss. The Funk Hunters are a DJ duo from Vancouver, Canada. With the addition of American rapper, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, they cultivate a unique mix of hip-hop and electronic dance music that is both classic and inventive. Not only does The Funk Hunters bring the funk with their booming, heavy sound, but their creative visuals are a great addition to their funky performances as a whole. When you put this passionate duo together with an extensive creative artist and rapper you are in for an unforgettable experience. Check out their collaborative EP Illectric.



For all you psychedelic bass lovers out there, Whitebear is an act you’ll regret missing. His futuristic energy and tribal rhythms will send you on a euphoric vision quest through space. Whitebear’s music is well known for his wordless psychedelic sounds and groovy bass, with a mixture of glitch and flow. His adrenaline-pumping set will keep you off your feet all night on the dance floor. Recently released EP “Mor” will leave you in awe and feeling inspired; check it out on Bandcamp.



Yheti is one of my all time favorite acts to see live. He has been mashing genres together in his music for well over a decade and has continued to evolve in the bass culture ever since. With oddly beautiful and bass heavy sounds, he will open your mind to a unique side of EDM. As a composer, he is able to fully embrace who he is and express it honestly through his music. You will leave his set feeling inspired to create your own art that is true to yourself. And his entire discography is free!



Known for her breathtaking cinematic sonic bass, HAANA is an LA-based producer, violinist and vocalist. She takes you on a meditative trance with her soothing contemporary sounds and angelic voice. Her soul soaking music has driven fans all over the U.S. to her shows. She has opened for musicians like The Rolling Stones and Kanye West, as well as held a special performance at Barack Obama’s inaugural ball. Her violin instrumentation with electronic twist is hallucinatory and her foreign Nordic lyrics will leave you speechless.



California’s disco duo Poolside is another exciting addition to the lineup. Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise created Poolside in 2011 and later released their daytime disco album Pacific Standard Time in 2012. Poolside’s music is easy on the mind. It’s effortless to visualize yourself near clear water in paradise laying out in the sun drinking a beer or road tripping to the west coast with all your best friends. Their warm soft harmonies and smooth basslines make you forget about time completely and puts you in a chill,funk-filled trance — which can be a nice break during a buzzy festival. Whether you venture alone or vibe with some friends, you will want to catch their set.


Along with all the amazing musicians heading to Sonic Bloom this year, there is also a great variety of talented art and movement performers, as well as many workshops and speakers to explore!

Hummingbird Ranch is beginning to become a beautiful second home for many. See for yourself this year; click here for more information on Sonic Bloom’s lineup and to buy tickets.



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