Denver Sustainability Project Launch Party

Denver Sustainability Project Hosts Launch Party at Lacuna Collective in RiNo

PHOTO CREDIT: @roo_photographs / Rachael Sabell 


A newfound Denver organization, Denver Sustainability Project, is set out to intentionally educate people about sustainability practices and be an overall catalyst for people to connect with their environmental impact. This innovative and immersive project was founded by Denver resident Graham Jewell, who has always had a thing for sustainability and loving our planet. They teamed up with Lacuna Juice and Yoga, Denver’s first organic juice bar, plant-based restaurant and yoga studio, to produce a welcoming and proactive launch party to celebrate a team of individuals looking to make a change in the world of sustainability. 

The night began with an intentional and mindful yoga practice at the cozy, yet modern and contemporary Lacuna RiNo location. The practice was symbolism for a night filled with conscious and collective thoughts and idealisms. The wellness and immersive aspect of this event was already in full-force as more eco-friendly attendees gathered to begin the second portion of the event.


Around 35 participants were geared up with extended trash-grabbers and biodegradable trash bags as they left Lacuna to walk the streets of RiNo and pick up trash. Many of the attendees got compliments and thanks from community members as they walked the streets picking up thousands of cigarette butts, plastic bottles, grocery bags, and miscellaneous trash throughout the cracks of the sidewalks and the surrounding streets. 

Attendees came back after an hour of trash clean-up feeling refreshed, yet appalled by the immense amount of trash that was encompassing their community. This activity allowed for attendees to feel their impact as a catalyst for a change, revealing that and change begins within each individual. 

After the community trash clean-up, people gathered back into Lacuna for nutritious and plant-based horderves and cocktails, supplied with Lacuna’s refreshing juice and GEM&BOLT Mezcal, in compostable cups and dishes. As everyone found their seats around the shop, Graham Jewell, the founder of the Denver Sustainability Project (DISPY for short), shared some background information, inspiration, and personal ties to the project. 

“Our planet needs us, and every single individual here has a voice and makes a difference. With DISPY, our goal is to make the conversation around sustainability comfortable and informative, while also taking action in our own community. We’re making changing the world fun.”  

After Graham shared her words, the first of the sustainable speaker series came on to share tips, guidance and overall counsel to attendees about sustainable practices he’s adopted in environmental and sustainable-friendly real-estate. 

 Jonathan Alpert, S*PARK project developer, highlighted S*PARK, or Sustainability Park, a community of sustainable condos and townhomes located at the confluence of Curtis Park and RiNo in Denver. S*PARK was developed with sustainability, community, and forward-thinking practices in mind. He touched on how they considered a lot of elements to keep these modern homes as close to zero-waste as possible, covering heat and sun insulation as well as other elements. 

Next, a speaker from ScrapsMileHigh came on to educate the crowd about the impact of composting and some recycling facts that were unknown to most in attendance. ScrapsMileHigh is a bicycle-powered composting service that reaches and provides composting to all Denver residents that don’t receive city-service.

Following, a speaker from The Alliance Center came to educate attendees about their impact and relevance to Denver and the United Nations. The Alliance Center is a non-profit organization that is connecting people, and inspiring impact, to create a more sustainable and equitable future.

As the official partner for the night with Denver Sustainability Project, all profits and donations received for the night were directly transferred to The Alliance Center and their mission of convening and mobilizing their network of non-profit organizations, academic institutions and community members to collaboratively create sustainability-focused solutions.

 One of the coolest touch-points of the night was learning all that The Alliance Center does throughout the world, as well as Denver-centralized work, like hosting a recycling area for the public that intakes non-recyclable material.


Throughout the collaboration of these fascinating and forward-thinking companies, the overall spread of sustainability practices throughout Denver will be more prevalent than ever. The Denver Sustainability Project will be hosting more events to overall spread educational awareness and bring together the community for change. 


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