Crafty Ideas for Your Old Festival Wristbands and Ticket Stubs

ideas for old festival wristbands

By Brittany Smith


For festival and concert goers, old wristbands and ticket stubs can be very hard to let go of. What is it that makes the little pieces of fabric we wear on our wrists at festivals or the remaining stub of our ticket so important?

Every ticket tells a story and takes you back to a specific time and place, particularly surrounding the beautiful memories we make at shows. Instead of wearing them until they are left to deteriorate (or make you sick!) or keeping them in a box that will never see the light of day, we’ve rounded up a few simple and creative ways you can incorporate them into your day-to-day life or display them as pieces of art.

Frame them

Liven up your apartment or home by using your stubs and wristbands as decor. Although this may be the most common way to show off your tickets and wristbands, it is also gives you the most room for you to leave your mark on your space. Get creative with the way you frame them, or put them on a photoline or wire lightstrand and hang photos from that special time along with them. You can also create a shadowbox that leaves room to add all of the new tickets you get along the way.

Turn them into utility keychains

You can bring your favorite festival wristband to life by transforming it into a trendy keychain in just a few quick and easy steps. All you need is a key ring, a hole punch, a fastener/brad, and the band of your choice. You will want to flatten your wristband and punch a hole just past the fold of the crease. Then, thread the key ring between the fold and the holes punched. You will use the pronged fastener/brad to bind the wristband together to complete your keychain.

Use them as bookmarks

If you are a book lover, you can convert your old ticket stubs into your new favorite bookmarks. All you need is some laminating tape/pouches, available at stores like Walmart. A word of warning: we do not recommend laminating your bookmark with a machine because the heat will most likely turn your ticket black.

Make magnets for your fridge

See your old tickets everyday by hanging them up on your fridge! You will need a ticket stub of your choice, a magnet of the same size, paper glaze, and super glue. Paper glaze the front of your ticket and put super glue on the back. Then, attach the back of the super glue coated ticket to the magnet. Office supply stores and craft stores have stick on magnets that you can attach to anything. If you are seriously passionate about the music experiences in your life, you can alphabetize or add the dates on magnetic tiles to completely cover your fridge! You can also add any instant photos you took at the shows to your fridge with these magnetic frames from Urban Outfitters.

Mod Podge them onto wooden letters

DIY Ticket Stub Art

Do you save your ticket stubs? (via DIY Network)

Posted by HGTV on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Scrapbook them

If you want to play it old school, you can simply put your tickets and wristbands in a scrapbook that you will cherish forever. You can keep it simple, or add in photos and handwritten memories of your favorite moments of the event. The scrapbook makes a great coffee table book for visitors to check out when they come over.

This list is just the beginning of the many ways you could get creative with repurposing your festival memories. Let your imagination run wild and try different ways to bring them to life, the same way the experiences brought you to life!

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