CBD Entering The Mainstream Health Industry

CBD Is Entering The Mainstream Health Industry & Decreasing The Stigmatism Around The Cannabis Plant

In our whirlwind of a society, the CBD movement has made a significant leap into the mainstream market. We have seen this cannabinoid in places such as the doctor’s office, coffee shops, retail stores, as well as at the dispensary. At what point did CBD leave the realm of being a mysterious substance, to becoming a life-changing element to many people’s lives?

CBD, or cannabinoid oil, is a non-psychoactive natural compound that resides in cannabis plants. CBD is a safe, non-addictive substance, that does not get you high. This unique “phytocannabinoid” is one of the many that endows in a cannabis plant that brings robust therapeutic benefits.

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Extensive scientific research has been found to show CBD’s potential to provide relief for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and depression. As well as providing potential treatment for different diseases, such as autoimmune diseases (inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis), neurological conditions (Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Huntington’s chorea, stroke, traumatic brain injury), metabolic syndromes (diabetes, obesity), neuropsychiatric illnesses (autism, ADHD, PTSD, alcoholism), gut disorders (colitis, Crohn’s), cardiovascular dysfunction (atherosclerosis, arrhythmia), and skin diseases (acne, dermatitis, psoriasis).

CBD seems to have burst its way into the market because it can be present in all ways that cannabis cannot, and the CBD market is definitely taking advantage of all the unwelcomed places that THC can’t go. We have seen CBD appear in oils, candies, vapes, baked goods, capsules, tablets, beverages, skin care, pain relief creams, cosmetics, bath bombs, patches, sprays, sex lubes, tampons, and suppositories. 

CBD Products at Free People and Urban Outfitters

This includes Estée Lauder makeup lines, Amazon warehouses, and throughout numerous pet store chains. Even Kim Kardashian just threw a CBD baby shower. These multi-industry efforts have expanded cannabis into a multimillion dollar industry. 

With so many helpful benefits, it’s amazing that CBD took so long to be so widely seen on the market. Since this medicinal aid is derived from the cannabis plant, the question  must be asked… Did it take so long for this miraculously beneficial plant to be noticed because it is derived from such a stigmatized source? How long will society and government sources withhold the health benefits of natural medicine because of marijuana stereotypes and fear of the unknown?

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As shifts in the overall cannabis industry are changing, and as more states are the way to legalization, we see overall stigmatism fading as cannabis-derived products begin to take over the mainstream market. 

Jason Vegotsky, Chief Revenue Officer at Kush Supply Co, summed it up best when stating, “It’s evolving from a slightly shady recreational drug, to a useful lifestyle product and superfood that relieves pain, fights inflammation, and lessens the effects of cancer treatments. Ultimately, as the last of the stigma fades away, more consumers will enter the market, and having become experienced users of CBD, it will be easy to expand their palate to include a trusted CBD brand’s new THC products.”

When it comes down to it, CBD is leading the way for the shady stigmatism of the cannabis industry to be erased. Now appearing at markets all throughout the country, mainstream consumers are beginning to familiarize themselves with the benefits of CBD.

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These worldwide CBD trends are becoming very centralized to certain areas where both marijuana and hemp are legalized and heavily supported. One of these central cities is Denver, Colorado, where we have seen people flock for years now to get their cannabis fix. 

In The Denver Post’s review of “Hemp taking off as a viable product, and Colorado entrepreneurs are at the forefront of the industry,” they discuss how heavily centralized the hemp market is to Colorado. Colorado cultivates the most hemp out of any state in the country and are leaders in the industry. 

Many of these consumers  can be found stopping at their local dispensaries looking for their CBD experience to begin. These dispensaries are plentiful in the Denver area with hundreds of them lying across the grid of Colorado. These shops are beginning to carry more strains that include CBD-heavy variants, and even keep concentrates and isolates that are completely THC-free stocked up for customers. 

Different Colorado companies will even deliver these CBD products right to your door, including Colorado Hemp Project, CBD and Co. and Infinite CBD. With such a centralized trend in Denver for the cannabis market, there are numerous dispensaries that thrive in this industry. Some top contributors are Denver Kush Club, Kind Love, and Medicine Man.

One of the largest and most comprehensive hemp expositions and trade shows in the country takes place in Denver, the NoCo Hemp Expo. This exposition hosts over 225 exhibitors, as well as workshops, networking, hemp products, and services for all attendees. This year will be the sixth inaugural NoCo Hemp Expo.

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NoCo represents themselves in presenting an event for “contemplating the past, cultivating the present, and creating the future of hemp. [Determining] the landscape for domestic hemp farming, processing, manufacturing, marketing, and sales in the USA are going to change dramatically.”

The CBD market in Colorado is supportive of the economy, industry, experience, and of the health and environmental factors that are involved in the ever-changing industry. These are supported by national trends, brands, and businesses leading these movements.

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Brooklyn Bianchi has served as a budtender at numerous dispensaries throughout Denver. Bianchi has recognized different trends throughout the cannabis industry and specifically highlighted how vaping CBD was a huge new trend for fast pain and anxiety relief. Vaping CBD serves as a way for people to wean themselves off smoking cigarettes for a healthier, non-addictive lifestyle. 

“In a dispensary in Colorado, all cannabis products sold must contain some levels of THC, but products containing CBD are extremely popular… so much so that most dispensaries carry multiple products with varying ratios of CBD to THC. CBD largely appeals to patients that don’t like feeling high, but still need the benefits that are derived from the cannabis plant. It has widespread appeal and is gaining popularity in many different demographics,” Bianchi said.

Bianchi commented also on the availability of CBD throughout the country.  She noticed how people in states where cannabis is illegal are opening up CBD retail stores, or are carrying it in other retail locations. Places that don’t have CBD available in retail stores can also source it from many places online.

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Farmhouse Hemp is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their team is dedicated to the exploration of hemp oil extraction, where they have created an innovative practice by hand-pressing hemp rosin – sourced by local ingredients – to create full-spectrum products that preserve terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoid benefits derived from the hemp plant.

Kelsey Breitung is one of the three founders of Farmhouse Hemp. Breitung discussed their passion for supplying  transparent and trustworthy lab information to their consumers to further educate them about all the benefits of the hemp plant where CBD is derived. Their practice is shown on their website, where a consumer can find links to corresponding lab results from each of their products.

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Farmhouse Hemp Product


Breitung explained different trends in the industry: “More stores are opening up to the idea of selling CBD every day and the country in general is becoming more aware of it as a supplement for themselves and their pets. The biggest current shortfall in the stores and the industry in general is education. People are seriously lacking in knowledge of what they are looking for and how the CBD is being extracted,” Breitung said.

Breitung also touched on the testimonial aspect of the growing CBD industry. He mentioned that word-of-mouth was a commonality and a safe sourcing option. These different testimonials are driving consumers to explore and try these products for the first time.

cbd mainstream inside out presents

Farmhouse Hemp Product

“The stigma is slowly breaking down across the nation as our older generations are now trying this as a relief from some of their own ailments. I think most older individuals still have the notion that they will get high from taking CBD, which is just not true. They try it, it works, and they think that maybe that plant isn’t so bad after all,” Breitung said. “I think the industry will continue to develop some standards that will make people more comfortable in knowing what they are purchasing. Not only is it what it says it is, but also made under certain standards that we have come to expect with our other products,” Breitung continued.

These consistent and reliable practices throughout CBD retail  are leading the way for this market to continue to produce healthy, medicinal, and plant-derived substances to lead the way in our mainstream health market. There will be a continued shift in all elements and trends surrounding the cannabis industry as more of these innovative and modern-day techniques are brought to light for the public to relish. Education and research throughout this growing industry  are essential to understanding the full benefits and reach you can achieve throughout the CBD market.

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