Blunt Force Reflects On Returning Home to Euphoria For 4th Time

blunt force euphoria 2017


Euphoria and Blunt Force are a match made in heaven. What began in 2012 as a small immersive arts festival quickly flourished, taking bands like Blunt Force, who first played the fest back in 2014, to new heights.

Per the music visionaries, Brian Gustafson and Deniz Baykal, Euphoria is like “coming home to mom and dad’s house.” We recently sat down with the band, who has essentially grown up with the festival itself, and continues to find their Euphoria through a fusion of culture, people, and style as unique as themselves. As the Blunt Force family and fanbase grows, it is no wonder people keep coming back year after year for their set.

Video by Zach Toth and Jreams

Euphoria debuted it’s 6th orbit around the sun with bigger art installations, mind-boggling production, more workshops, and a variety of music that focused on electronic, hip hop, jam, and funk.

Euphoria has been making waves for its collaborative and intimate atmosphere, and we can already hardly wait for next year. As for now, be on the lookout for Blunt Force’s new single, “Welcome to Euphoria,” set to be released next week.

The song revolves around the heart of the festival: it’s all about the people. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what’s going on in your life, everyone accepts each other at Euphoria.


“Vibes man, vibes.” –  Blunt Force




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