Amazonia: A Free Night of Art and Music to Benefit the Amazon

Local Denver artists and activists are throwing a free benefit concert for the Amazon rainforest Sunday, September 1st, from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. This free event will feature live music, different specialty performances, as well as immense amounts of artwork. Music will feature FunkStatik, Beak Nasty, BANkaJI, Wei-Chi Field, Docfunk, BOB SYNC, and more. ALL money and donations raised from this collective charity will be donated to the Rainforest Action Network’s ‘Protect An Acre’ Campaign. This is a private event but all are welcome to come by and participate. If you would like to attend, please inquire on the Official Instagram Page for an invitation: @AmazoniaBenefit.

The burning of the Amazon Rainforest is a global crisis. The Amazon is the world’s biggest carbon sink,  containing 25% of the world’s carbon and 10% of the world’s biodiversity. This event and silent auction will benefit the Rainforest Action Network 501(c)3. Amazonia: A Free Night of Art and Music to Benefit the Amazon will donate directly to the “Protect an Acre’ campaign, which works specifically with organizations on the ground, as well as with Tribes displaced by these fires. This team provides every aspect of relief – from food and water given to these families, firefighting efforts, wildlife assistance and funding- to political activism initiatives to fight corrupt politicians like Jair Bolsonaro. R.A.N. is a small, but caring, charity with a good heart and we support them.


Scott Ratner, local glass artist and enthusiast, connected all the dots in planning this art-focused charity event. Ratner reached out to the local Denver art community to make all the plans for this upcoming concert, including the organization of  10+ live painters, a silent auction featuring over 50 artists, and live music. By using his resources and pooling efforts and talents of his peers, Ratner ignited this project within one week to assist in putting an end to the burning of the beloved Amazon Rainforest. 

Ratner commented on the motive behind this project and how the community stepped forward:  “As this issue comes more and more into the light, we are seeing significant pushback from Brazil’s leader Jair Bolsanaro and his affiliates. It’s up to us, the little guy[s], to instigate change from the bottom up.  As far as the significance to our community …not only does this event help us provide the relief we were all hoping to provide, it also shows us that we are more powerful together than the sum of our parts. We have the ability to unite and cause change spontaneously, and with precision.  Denver cares, and the response we’ve gotten in 24 hours proves that.”

Scott Ratner Glass

The Amazonia Silent Auction Artist Lineup features Chris Dyer, DELA, John Gay, Whitney Holburn, Tommy Lyle, Chris Bohlin, Christopher Ser, Andrew Norris Thompson, and more (full artist lineup at the bottom). These artists will be donating art to participate in the silent auction, as well as live painting.  These donated pieces cross throughout many different mediums, including paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and functional art.

Ratner commented on the high volume of artists willing to contribute:“It’s so inspiring and humbling to have donations from every artist who has stepped forward to contribute. We actually had over sixty others I had to turn down because of our capacity. One artist whose work and passion excited me was Siam Biosis from Taos, NM, who will be doing a Live Clay Millefiori Demo at the show as well. I hesitate to say I’m more excited for one person than another because that’s just not true. I am excited for every person on the list!”

Local Denver Art Community Contribution

This event stands for and symbolizes the change and action that needs to be ignited simultaneously throughout the world. This community of forward-thinking Denver artists and art lovers that have come together in  less than a week to put words into action, is exactly the type of change that moves mountains and put out fires.

Come together THIS SUNDAY, September 1st, at Inner Space Gallery to celebrate our local Denver art team,  and help benefit a great cause for the Amazon Rainforest. Donations will be generously accepted at this free event.




Chris Dyer

John Gay

Tommy Lyle

Chris Bohlin


Christopher Ser

Andrew Norris Thompson

Adam Psybe

Molly Gardner

Jesse James

Elizabeth Banker

Chris Long

Cavan Koebel

Madi Sun Sanchez

Emily Kell

Ryan Martinez

Lex Newtho Hull

Meghan Niven

Jack Henry

Megan Walker

Andrew Escudero

Dan Hoffman

Tristan Jeanes

Paula Loomis


Gavin Gerundo

Charles Guay

Tiffany Rainey


Emily Behnke

Derek Pomar

Siam Biosis

Katie Gray

Dan Kazwara

Wrapped in Maya


Morgan Warren

Brooklyn Bianchi

Devin Hruszko

And More…


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