Activate Your Booty Chakra With Shpongle, CloZee, and Govinda on 10/27 @ The Fillmore

shpongle clozee govinda the fillmore

By Lane Undhjem


Have you ever been Shpongled? The answer is a resounding hell yes for millions of concert-goers around the world.

If you’re still scratching your head, let us happily introduce you to some of the pioneers of psychedelic bass music, Shpongle. The progressive duo comprised of Simon Posford and Raja Ram have been taking listeners on a kaleidoscopic, sonic journey for over twenty years.  Fresh off of their new release, Codex VI, Simon Posford has returned to the United States with what is rumored to be the last tour with the hallucinogenic, video-mapped monolith, appropriately dubbed the “Shpongletron.”

Support from Shpongle will be provided by CloZee and Govinda, two heavy hitting producers signed to Gravitas Recordings, based out of Austin, TX.  

Originally from Toulouse, France, CloZee has taken over the west coast bass scene as one of the preeminent female DJs in the world. Her unique style, influenced by eastern Asian melodies and her training as a classical guitarist, manifests itself in an energy that is at once both heavy and uplifting.  

Austin-based producer, Shane Madden, aka Govinda, combines live violin with glitch, trance, and dub in a performance that can only be described as east-meets-west, hypersensory psychedelia.

Get ready for a triumvirate of artists who will smash the Fillmore into rubble. Tickets available HERE!

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