7 Musician-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2016

daft punk halloween costume 2016

Still chasing that ever-elusive perfect Halloween costume? We’ve compiled a list of mostly easy-to-pull-off Halloween costumes for music fans.


Just make sure you are spreading the love all night for the full effect.

grant griz halloween costume 2016 grant griz halloween costume 2016

Items needed:

  • Blow-up saxophone
  • Red flannel shirt
  • White v-neck t-shirt
  • Griz hat (or any flat bill hat)
  • Mustache and huge grin
  • Optional: Extra large cheese pizza for all your friends!



Everyone will make some NOISE when you walk into the party as Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar. This is a super easy costume, and can be pulled off well by guys and girls alike.

bassnectar lorin halloween costume 2016  bassnectar lorin ashton halloween costume 2016

Items needed:

  • Long dark wig
  • Black t-shirt, prefarably with a metal band logo
  • Goatee; either grow one or use make-up
  • Headphones around neck
  • Optional: Print the Bassnectar logo on iron-on paper to iron onto t-shirt. Practice those headbanging skills!


David Bowie

If there was ever a better time to pay tribute to Bowie on Halloween, this would be the year. The beauty of Bowie is that his look was ever-evolving, so there are many ways to do him justice. For this one, we chose to pull some of our favorite looks of Bowie’s and let the inspiration do its work on you. There are no rules–go boldly, go confidently, and there’s no way you can go wrong.

david bowie halloween costume 2016 david bowie halloween costume 2016 david bowie halloween costume 2016 david bowie halloween costume 2016 david bowie halloween costume 2016 david bowie halloween costume 2016



Again, there are many potential versions of Bey to play…but Lemonade unleashed a whole new ballgame this Halloween. Our favorite? Country goth “Formation” ‘Yonce.

beyonce formation halloween costume 2016

Items needed:

  • Black wide brim hat
  • Black off-the-shoulder dress
  • Lots of chunky silver bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings
  • Dark wine lipstick
  • Braided hair
  • Optional (but not really): Tons of confidence, knowing you’re that bitch when you cause all this conversation.


Daft Punk

If you’re feeling really crafty, grab a friend and create your own Daft Punk helmets. The rest of the costume is easy and it will undoubtedly be a hit. We love the version effortlessly pulled off by the two ladies below.

daft punk halloween costume 2016 daft punk halloween costume 2016

Items needed:

  • Your crispest all-black ensemble, preferably pants and jacket
  • Make your own helmets; Fuse brings you a variety of tutorials based on how much time and money you want to invest
  • Optional: straws, so you can drink stay hydrated under those helmets.


Lady GaGa (2016 version)

We are feelin’ the Joanne vibe. Honestly, this look would be great for any day of the week–not just Halloween.

Lady Gaga halloween costume 2016 Lady Gaga halloween costume 2016 Lady Gaga halloween costume 2016

Items needed:

  • Light pink wide-brim hat
  • Long blonde wig
  • Small silver hoop earrings
  • High-waisted denim shorts
  • Extremely cut-off cut off….feel free to get as risky or not as you want with this
  • Faux tattoos for your arms and upper back; she’s got a trumpet on the inside of her right arm, flowers and “Tokyo love” on the top left back shoulder, and German script on the left arm.


Alison Wonderland

For the very last-minute ladies who have the sincere need to be as comfy as possible at all times.

alison wonderland halloween costume 2016 alison wonderland halloween costume 2016

Items needed:

  • Extra, extra large Adidas t-shirt
  • Extra, extra large streetwear brand hoodie
  • Blonde medium-length straight wig
  • Black platform boots
  • Black thigh high socks
  • Short shorts or skinny black pants
  • Headphones around neck
  • Optional: Loads of energy and don’t forget to put on your best Aussie accent.


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