5 Reasons You Can’t Miss Falcons at Empire Control Room on 6/29

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Falcons is making his return to Austin to play another trap-filled set at Empire Control Room & Garage on June 29, 2017. If you’re for some reason on the fence about making it, here are five reasons you can’t miss out:

1. If it’s good enough for the ladies of Broad City to get hype to, you know it’s lit.

Falcons’ “Aquafina” gets the Abbi and Ilana stamp of approval.

AQUAFINA on Broad City

AQUAFINA on Comedy Central's 'Broad City'

Posted by Falcons on Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2. Collaborations with some of the most cutting-edge hip hop artists.

As if Falcons weren’t already killing the trap game, he showcases some of the latest and greatest voices and producers coming up in the hip hop and electronic scenes right now. Goldlink is a frequent and favorite collaborator, as well as Chaz French and Ekali.

3. Fill the void Fool’s Gold Day Off left in your heart.

Austin certainly has no shortage of fun festivals and shows to catch, but we certainly miss Fool’s Gold Day Off, which hasn’t stopped through the city in a couple of years. Falcons released his debut with Fool’s Gold, and is just one of the many great electronic artists to be associated with the label, along with Promnite, Carnage, A-Trak, Hoodboi, Ta-ku, and Flosstradamus.

4. Falcons represents the L.A. scene, where the most unique and influential sounds are coming out of right now.

Real music fans are obsessed with knowing what’s next and scouring the interwebs for the best, lesser-known acts. It’s hard to classify Falcons as “lesser-known” with nearly 50K Facebook fans, but he certainly has that fresh sound that catches audiophiles ears. If you’re into keeping tabs on the future of the electronic music scene, look no further than L.A., who is cranking out the most innovative artists — like Falcons — the scene is seeing right now.

5. Helllloooo….it’s at Empire Control Room!

Empire Control Room is undeniably one of the best venues in Austin thanks to its curated lineup of diverse up-and-comers, two intimate stages with world class lighting and sound, and all around good vibes.


As if that weren’t enough, tickets are only $10 and we’re giving away a signed poster to one lucky ticket holder on Facebook! See you there!

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