5 Can’t Miss Artists of Summer Camp 2016


Good morning, SCampers!

As one of our favorite festivals of the season quickly approaches, we decided to delve into the lineup and pick out our MUST SEE acts of 2016.

5) Here Come The Mummies

What happens when you put catchy sing-a-long vocals, funky horns, and an army of the Undead onstage? Here Come The Mummies, of course! Originating in Nashville, this mysterious group consists of a rotating cast of musicians that perform decked out in theatrical mummy costumes. One popular theory amongst their fans is that they perform as mummies and hide their individual personas because they are all signed artists that wouldn’t otherwise be able to perform together due to complicated contracts with their record labels. Whatever the reason behind their onstage antics, these guys put on a seriously funky show that’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on anyone who stumbles onto their show. Check out the video to get a taste of what to expect at their set on the Starshine Stage at 8:00pm Sunday night:


4) Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Pigeons Playing Ping PongImage Source

Coming off a successful spring tour that brought them all over the country, PPPP are a high-energy quartet that is starting to make some serious waves in the jam scene. Started in 2009 in Baltimore MD, they’ve already released 2 full length albums, a 7-track EP and a slew of live recordings. Their live show, as is true with any great jam band, is their strong suit: I recently attended their set at Euphoria Music Festival in Austin TX and it was such a sweaty, funky dance party that by the end of the show the entire front row was topless. Men and women included. That set has already become legendary amongst those who were in attendance…now I’m not promising every Pigeons show you go to will have a row full of beautiful topless women, but it certainly isn’t out of the realm of possability. Regardless of the amount of nudity at one of their shows, they put on a great performance that we highly recommend checking out. PPPP play the closing set Friday on the Campfire Stage at 2:00am.


3) George Clinton & P-Funk

George Clinton & P-FunkImage Source

What else can be said about this legendary group that hasn’t already been said before? Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic crew have been laying down the grooves since the early 1970’s and don’t show any plans of stopping soon. Clinton is as wild and eccentric on-stage as he’s always been; you can tell these guys still like to party. We can’t wait to see them on the Moonshine Stage at 5:45pm on Sunday!


2) SunSquabi

SunSquabiImage Source

2015 was a huge break-out year for this up and coming livetronica act, and 2016 is already en route to be even bigger. SunSquabi is a three-piece group hailing from Boulder CO, where their unique sound and rabid fan base has been turning heads for years. These guys have an impressive touring and album release schedule: between playing runs with STS9, opening Red Rocks for Griz, and going on tour with the Floozies, I honestly have no idea how they make time for the studio. Somehow they do though, which is super fortunate for all their fans who love the almost constant onslaught of new material from this band. Don’t miss their Saturday late night set at 2:00am on the Campfire Stage, or if you have the VIP upgrade I

HIGHLY recommend catching their VIP Lounge set at 6:00pm on Saturday eveming. Word on the street is this will be a very special, improv-heavy set with plenty of special guests.


1) Big Grizmatik

Big GrizmatikImage Source

While Big Gigantic, Griz, and Gramatik each have busy touring schedules on their own, it’s an incredibly rare treat for them to team up and play as Big Grizmatik. The first time they did this collaborative set was Electric Forest 2012, and since then have only played together a handful of times (including a surprise set at Summer Camp 2013). Together, the three mega-acts play a silky fusion of deliciously funky sax hooks and guitar riffs that turn the dance floor into a big-freakin-mess. Try not to trip on all the panties left on the ground after this set ends.

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