5 Artists at Backwoods


As Backwoods Music Festival, held in between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, quickly approaches we took a look at their killer lineup and tried to pick our 5 top acts. Although that was a really tough job, here is what we came up with!

5) Vibe Street

Ben Davis AKA “Smiles” is the mastermind behind the original grass-hop sound of Vibe Street. Besides his general goal of world domination, he has specific intent to get your booty shaking and arms waving on the dance floor. His meteoric rise was recently highlighted by a massive coast-to-coast tour that had its fair share of sell out headlining shows. Enjoy seeing this great artist in smaller venues while you can, people.

4) Fractal Sky (Live Band)

I have to admit, I absolutely love when a traditionally electronic artist performs their music as a live band. From Pretty Lights to Shpongle, catching one of these rare performances is quite a treat, which is why I’m so exited to catch the Fractal Sky Live Band at Backwoods this fall. From the glitchy samples to the live horns, this set is a can’t miss.

3) Skydyed

Although they’ve only been around since 2014, Skydyed has already begun to make a name for themselves in the Colorado livetronica scene. They’re heavy basslines and soaring guitar solos bring a psychedelic, almost trance-like quality to the livetronica genre. Hoping these guys get a late night set, because shit will get very weird if that’s the case.

2) Tauk

After coming off a major spring tour supporting Umphrey’s McGee across the country, this four piece is about to have an even bigger summer festival season. This band is incredibly technical and play an almost prog form of funk music. Isaac Teal’s impressive drum chops will leave any live music fan in awe. Definitely recommend checking these guys out this summer.

1) Big Gigantic

Good ole Big G. Dom and Jeremy have been packing venues and rocking crowds for a while now; I actually still have a ticket stub from one of their first shows, a 2009 gig opening up for Shpongle and Alex B (Paper Diamond) at the Fox Theatre in Boulder CO. Since then, a lot has changed: instead of opening up 500 person venues, they are selling out 5,000 person venues on a regular basis. However, they still keep the saxophone licks catchy and the drum beats dance-able…some things never change.

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